Monday, December 31, 2007

Being a Nurse Assistant

I have been working in a nursing home for 17 months now , I started in July 25 of 2006 from other department and later transfered to the nursing department after completing the Nurses Assistant Training Class and I am certified by the State of Michigan to work in any long term care facitily after passing the state exam.

Being a Certified Nurses Assistant or CNA is really quite a job. It needs patience, dedication to your work, have love what you do, and have love for the residents by respecting their privacy.Being a nurse assistant our role is to provide quality care for the resident. We make sure their needs are meet by communicating them always. If they can't talk and can not express their feelings, we make sure they are not in pain by looking their facial expressions. And if they are in pain we will report it to our charge nurse so she/he can give a pain medicine.

Every month we have our mandatory in-service training that is required by the state, in order for us to learn more knowledge, strategies and approaches on how to take care of the residents in order to meet their needs in different way.

In my coming posts I am going to write what is the life of the resident in a nursing home based on my knowledge and based on what I see.

My First Entry

This is my first entry here and to start with,
Let's talk first about what is a Long Term Care.

Long Term Care is part of our health care system and that includes different types of facilities, such as hospitals, home health care or agencies, clinics, mental health, hospices and also drug addiction facilities. It is the important part of our system since the growth of older adults is increasing.

Long term care facilities has a lot of names, including nursing facilities, nursing homes, assisted living , and residential care also known as home care. But on this blog I will mostly focus on nursing homes, since most of my knowledge are more on nursing homes patients or residents.

In all my coming post, I can not promise, If I can provide images from my real residents that I taking care of because we are protecting their privacy and so I am.. I know others will let me do but for the sake of the "residents privacy", I will try not to. Maybe If I can post some pic, it is from magazines or newspaper that I read.

'Till later for more update.


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