Thursday, January 10, 2008

Did I waste my money?

Oh well, this is it. Last Friday, as i posted here, I bought my own domain through I paid $10 for one year maintainance. But tonight as I write this I could not open my domain anymore which is , it says the page was error. I keep trying but still error and it switched to the original one which is which is hosted by blogspot. I remember that I clicked something in the settings button and could not retrieved it anymore. So I sent an email to google apps asking if there's a way I could access back my domain cause I was paying for that. It seems that I am just wasting my money. Yah, its only $10 but still a money. And now if I cannot recover my domain, I have to start all over again, to inform everyone who are in my friends list, good thing I don't have that many since this is a new blog. Anyway, hopefully google support team will get back to me as soon as they get my mail so I can start blog-hopping again using the blogspot one if ever I could not recover it...(hayy sigh)

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