Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Got Paid from my Blogging

I got paid today from my blogging. This was the fourth time that I got paid from SR. Eventhough my blogs don't have page rank yet but still I have some opps that keeps me busy. And here are the screenshots on what I made from SR alone since I started writing paid reviews less than 2 months.


Lee Chien said...

wow... you're making kinda lots of income.. :D

A Simple Life said...

Congratulations! Tama yan hataw na agad.

Thanks for dropping by, sure we can exlinks, I'll add you to my 2 blogs

A Simple Life
moms..... check nyo

poray said...

daghana na gud ka kita dai oi..mura mn ka ni charity..ako ani hinay pro sige lng bsta unta kanunay hehe

retchel said...

thanks for the comment ladies ..yah I made a little bit of extra income from my blogging..hehe

iDA said...

hi retchel,

this is pretty interesting =) and inspiring too.. are you with paperpost too like most of the bloggers? how do join in such org? thanks =)

retchel said...

Hi ida,
Thanks for the comment.
I'm not with PPP yet, only sponsored reviews and smorty..
..mag sign up ka lang then add ur blog/s.


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