Thursday, January 3, 2008

"I want to go home"

As we started our work until the end of our shift, we always hear residents saying " I want to go home" , and yes I can't blame them. Residents who has alzhemiers disease and related disorders are often wondering around. We have one resident in the unit where I work that after dinner she always says "Hey! can you help me? I wanna go home, my Dad is waiting for me" , she has a hearing impairment where she can hardly hear what we're saying, so we write on a piece of paper so she can read it saying " Your Dad just called a minute ago and he said you can stay here for tonight", and once she is told this she will calm down and say" Ah okay! so have you talk to him? ..As a care provider we are trying our best just to assure them that they are secure, safe and well protected in the place where they live.

The same resident, the same shift , she is wondering around and this time she's looking for her husband saying, "I have seen my husband a while ago, but he is not here anymore, I wonder where he's going?"but in reality he passed away many years ago, so our approach is to calm her down by telling her that , "Your husband is at work, he will be home shortly and you don't have to worry. Thats the humane way of doing things for them so they do not get upset and scared.

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