Sunday, January 6, 2008

Let me talk about why people are admitted to a Long Term Facilities

Many of us think of why people are admitted in a Long Term facilities because they are sick, but not all of them are. There are many reasons why they enter long term care facilities. It depends on what facility that they are going to choose. Like for example if a person like move to an assisted living facility because their house is too big for them, their children also don't live with them anymore so they have to stay to an assisted living. In this situation, they prefer to live an assisted living facility because they are pretty much independent with a minimal support from the staff whenever they need them.
But if a person needs more support for nursing and medical support that affects their daily living, like bathing, eating and walking, and in this case they might be admitted to a long term care facility.

Others may mis-understood if families of the residents are not always with them, some will think that their families don't care for them anymore that's why they are in a nursing home, but for me that is wrong. And I believed that ,they are in the nursing home because it offers the kinds of care they need. You know what I mean, like bathing, eating on a right time, something like that and more. I know also, that not all of them like to stay in a nursing because of the big change of their environment but others do like especially when they meet friends with the same interest . There are also residents that don't have family anymore that are alive, others never been married, so obviously no children will take care of them, that's why it is best for them to live in a nursing home where they can find love and care from the people who works there.

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