Friday, January 4, 2008

Losing someone you care hard. Lately, in less than a month three residents passed away on the section where I work. On the weekend before Christmas, an hour after I left , one of the resident that I taking care of passed away, she was 95 years old and a very nice lady. Her memories still fresh in my mind especially when I walk in her room where she used to lived. She used to call me "kid" when she needs me for something. Everybody loves her cause she is very nice and sweet lady.
Sometimes it takes time to forget it but that is normal. There are family members that can not accept right away when they know that their love ones are on the stage of dying but some can .

Anyway so much for that, you might think I am weird why I am talking about death here. But that is true and sometimes it is hard to face the reality.

"Stay with me and hold my hand.
Your being with me is such a comfort"

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