Friday, January 11, 2008

Understanding "Residents" Rights

Rights are things a person is entitled to. Residents, are individuals who have the same rights as me, as you, and as every one else, and we have to remember that. Residents has the right to be treated and respect and dignity. They have the right to continue their meaningful life even they are in the nursing home already, and they have the right to be free from fear. Residents has also the same legal rights as any other U.S. citizen here in America. They also have the right to vote, and not be discriminated against because of their age, sex,race,religion or disability.
Regardless of how their care is paid for, they have the same quality care that is given to every one else either they pay it by their own money or funded by Medicaid. As a nurse assistant, we are aware that violating the resident's rights is breaking the law and we know we can be punished by being fired , being fined or being sent to jail.

Here are some specific Residents' Bill of Rights
*Right to exercise one's rights
*Right to privacy and confidentiality
*Right to information
*Right to choose
*Right to notification of change
*Protection of residents' personal funds
*Grivance rights
*Transfer and discharge rights
*Right to be free from restraint and abuse

"I depend on you to keep me safe,
to respect me, and preserved my rights
and freedom"

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