Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Day is Today?

Hayzzz..I count today as Thursday(of course) but it's only 2o'clock in the morning and my day is not really started yet but I am counting already. Why? because the following day is our payday and that would be my day off also. Again, I can't wait. I know you will agree with me that everyone is always looking on their days off. Because its quite relaxing when you get up in the morning and you don't have to worry getting ready for work and you can stay in bed whenever you wants especially this cold weather. Sometimes when I am tired, I wanna call in not to show up for work but I keep telling myself not to. Because once I don't show up for one day I don't like to go back to work the next day. And I don't want to miss any days on my job except if I have a reasonable excuse. Because when you get fired, you will start all over again looking for jobs but you're not sure if you'll get hire right away and if you find one from your field you can not guarantee that you can have the same benefits from your previous one. Because I believe that having a job is a privilege whether it pays good or not cause not everyone can find a job that quick especially the unemployment rate of this country for the past year and this year is getting higher. In other words, there are lots of applicants but there are no jobs that are available except when you are on a high demand field where every time is hiring.


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