Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back to Work

After two days off besides the weekend, I'll be back to work again tonight. It's nice to have some days off sometimes when you want something to do outdoors or going out besides staying at home or always at work. Our body needs to relax also. I am glad to be back to see my favorite resident again. She is like a grandma to me. She is alert and oriented but there are days that she's confused . She calls me "little girl" instead of my name. When I used to work on 2nd shift I always see her. But since I work 3rd shift I seldom see her up at night because she was on bed already by the time I get there. The only time I can see her is when I am assign to take care of her. One night, I went to her room to check her and she was awake that time and she was surprised to see me. She said, "where have you been?" I haven't seen you for long time. And I told her , "I work at night already and every time I am here you are in bed sleeping, so you could not see me, but I can see you." She just smile to me.

You know, it's really nice to work with elderly people. Even they are not related to me. I felt, I accomplised something in my life. Everytime they say "thank you" that feel so good. Especially when it comes to family members like, "Thank you for taking care of my mom" or " Thank you for taking care of my Grandma, and "Thanks for being so nice to her" Those praises makes you a better person.

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