Thursday, February 14, 2008

Care of Residents with Parkinson's Disease

Every month, we have our in-service training and for this month of February our training will be the 19th & 21st and the topic will be about "pain".

But before that, we were talking about Parkinson's Disease, and on how to care residents with Parkinson's disease.
To give you an overview, Parkinson's disease results from the lack of a chemical in the brain called dopamine, pronounce as doh-pa-mean. Dopamine enables messages to be transmitted along the nerve pathways in the brain. Without dopamine, the areas of the brain responsible for posture and voluntary muscle movement do not function properly.

I have cared for resident with Parkinson's disease. I am aware that this disease of the nervous system causes shaking. So it is not unusual for "us" to see resident that has parkinson's are shaking but not all the time, it si because their body movements becomes slow and their body becomes stiff. And not all Parkinson's resident has dimentia. I have seen so many that are mentally alert.

Causes and care of Parkinson's be continued....

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