Friday, February 22, 2008

Crazy Night

On the nature of my job. Some say, that the night shift is easier than 1st and 2nd shift, it is because mostly(not all of them) are in bed already and they will only call if they need us. And yes I will only agree that part of it is correct. Because every nights are different, depending what problem may arise. There are nights that are too quite and there are nights like last night, a total chaos.
Actually,we're doing good from the start of our shift.. We were done our last round about 6am, but all of the sudden, residents want to get up and get out of bed and walk by themselves(mostly they are on bed alarms and are not able to walk independently). So we were trying to calm them down and put them back on bed. Trying to explain to them that , it was too early and breakfast would not be until 7am. And the 1st shift people will take care of their breakfast needs not us. Yes they listened sometimes, but few minutes after, the alarms goes off and we know that they are getting out of bed. Good thing that 1st shift are coming and they can take over from us because we are tired and ready to go home to jump in bed.

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