Sunday, February 3, 2008

GPS Insight Vehicle Tracking Product Review

What is GPS?

Some of us are not familiar what GPS is . GPS means Global Positioning System, it is a satellite-based navigation system and was develop by the United States Defense as a reliable means of accurate navigation. It was originally intended for military applications, but around early 80's the government decided to made the system available for civilian use.

And now there is GPS Insight vehicle tracking syste which is available for trucking companies, e.g roofing, plumbing, construction, sales forces, delivery vehicles, long haul tracking, etc . It is a hardware and web software-based vehicle tracking product. Their tracking devices takes only minutes to install and they will ship it right away after your ordered received on the same day and you can install it by yourself too so you don't have to worry for installation fee. They will provide a 30 day money back guarantee and offers free trials for qualified companies.

And why is GPS necessary for your vehicle for example. Because, GPS Insight can directly diagnose fault codes, speed, fuel consumption of your vehicles. It will provide you instant alerts whenever you have an engine problem, so when you see the engine light is lit meaning to say you have an engine problem and through the GPS Insight you are aware. You can also view weather date with your GPS Insight vehicle locations.

For truck companies, they can get a detail activity report with GPS Insight's driver log report and you will know the driver's activity.You can get a quick daily snapshot of driving activities for any vehicle in your fleet with GPS report, through this, you will be able to view specific location, stop and speed information for an individual vehicle for an entire day. You can also get and compare driver's activity with their time card to ensure accurate hours billed.

They are using satellites and AT&T/T-Mobile to provide you with highly accurate vehicle locations every 2 minutes throughout the US and Canada.

GPS insight set-up a GPS Insight support wiki for customers which contains information, helpful tips, and general information about the GPS Insight Product so if you are experiencing a problem you can use support wiki for their most commonly asked questions and fixes to most issues.If ever you're not satisfied to their online support center, you can also call their toll free number for technical support and they are available 24 hours per day.
If you have time you can visit their blog for GPS vehicle tracking so you will know the updates and some information. You can also read comments from GPS Insight customers.

So call now for more details at 866-GPS-4321.

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