Monday, February 25, 2008

Great Weekend

The past weekend was pretty enjoyable. Saturday we went to the mall with my cousin and her family. Yes we did shop. And yesterday we went to Lake Michigan on which part of the lake were frozen already. We did not stay long because it was too cold and I did not wear the proper clothing. Afterwards we had dinner at the Chinese restaurant, then we went to the the mall nearby the restaurants. This was the different mall that we went to yesterday. I did not buy anything on that mall cause we haven't had a chance to go to JCPenny because it was almost 5 in the afternoon already and we need some sleep cause me and Rick had work that night. I like going out as a group because it is fun.
I have some pictures here that I would like to share from our weekend shots...

>>>by the Lake

Cha2x, Alyssa & Me>>>>>>

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