Thursday, February 21, 2008

Residents Rights and Pain Control

As I said on my previous posts on my other blogs and here that today was our In-Service training. By the time I got to my work it was past 2o'clock in the afternoon already. And yes I was a little bit late. Chairs are all occupied , but thanks to my friend she reserved one for me.
Anyway, during the whole training, we were talking mainly about the Residents Rights and Pain Control. The lecturer explained one by one on how to avoid pains.
One of their rights is, that a resident is entitled to adequate and appropriate pain and symptoms management as a basic and essential element of his or her medical treatment. After the discussion, we answered few questions related to "pain."

How do you know when a resident has pain?

Not all of them can be able to communicate and be able to tell you/us that they are in pain , so the best thing to tell is to look at their facial expression. Elderly people or people with dementia be at a higher risk for pain because they can't tell you. So it is everyones responsibility to assess pain.

Image below was from Sydney Animated Facial Expression(SAFE), Sydney Australia. I am not sure if the different facial expresions would show up below, if not, you can see it in here.

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