Saturday, February 9, 2008

Talking about Life Lock

Lifelock is #1 identity theft prevention program here in America. When you are with lifelock, they can to protect your identity for up to $1million, meaning if your identity is misused while you are a member of lifelock, they will spend up $1million to make it right and it is guaranteed. Lifelock not only protects individuals identity but businesses also. Their website is , right now when you apply on their program you can avail their promo and can save you dollars. Anyway, identity protection is always our main concern. We always make sure our that nobody can use our personal information but only us. But this can't be controlled and protected if you are not with lifelock. Because once we are engaged with business with somebody , right then they knows our information. Lifelock can do something about that, they are capable of stopping those junk mails and credit cards offers that you are not expecting. Another big concern is your social security number. With the higher turn outs of illegal immigrants here in the USA, somebody can use your SSN # so that they can get a job and open a bank account because social security number is the primary requirement when you are applying for job and get a bank account. But lifelock is designed to help consumers on protecting identity fraud.

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