Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Get Paid to Blog

I have been get paid for blogging for quite a while now. All of my blogs have been compensating to blog except my domain because it was only new. I found it very helpful for me to advertise on blogs. The money that I was making was a very big help. Just recently I submitted this blog to smorty. But I did not expect anything good. And few days after I got an approval from them. I am so glad that I could get paid to blog at smorty.
Actually I have been a member of smorty through my other blogs for about 2 months now. And yes I am making money. I am getting paid weekly. Right now I have couple of task which are pending for approval and once it is approve I will have money again from blog advertising.
Just a suggestion here, if your passion is writing and willing to blog for money, and has a current blog which is 3months old you have a big chance to be part of smorty. All you have to do is visit their site and sign up as blogger. Then complete all the blank fields that needs to be filled out. Then submit it right away. After you submitted your blog to them, just wait for few days to receive and approval. And once your blog is approve ,you can start blogging for money on the same day.

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