Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Switched to Domain

My first entry for this blog was Dec. 31st last year and that makes this blog 2 months old. Last week I decided to bought a domain from enom for this blog. I had a problem at first. It was'nt working for couple of days because I do not know how to edit the DNS settings. I was worried and thinking that I was only wasting my 10$. That's why I decided to called Enom and spoke to their customer service representative. He instructed me what to do and what needs to be replaced or edit on my host name setting and saved it afterwards so I can access my blogspot using my domain url. Yes, somewhat it was working cause I can open but I still get directed to So I make changes again but this time I did not call enom. Just a trial and error method for me until I hit the right one, but with reading on their website instruction.

And yes I switched "my revelation" to blog to my own domain already and please update my url in your blogroll if you have time.. Thanks

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NoVa said...

i was planning to get a domain, but my income in reviews isn't enough to paid for my entire monthly earnings, baka malugi pa ako, is there many opportunities if you certainly got your own domain? u have experience it girl, share your experience it to me... thanks i would really appreciate it very much...


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