Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Employee Month

Next month, will be our employee month. There will be lots of activities everyday. There are days that we can wear jeans and our favorite sports team uniform. There are also some giveaways that the admin will give each employees and appreciation for serving the facility. Last year I got free t-shirts with our logo printed on it and some other little stuff that were given to us. I am not sure this years employee appreciation month if what else are their gimmicks just to make their employees happy from working so hard.

Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Do you want to find out who's calling you? Yes, you can now find out the number of the person who's calling you by the service called Reverse Phone Looksups. Through this service, you can now tracked any phone phone you receive whether its listed or not.
Last year I have also register our landline number to the National No Call Registry to block those unwanted calls especially from the telemarketers. And it does work, cause since then, we can only receive calls from the one we had business before.

How Long is Your Hair?

Your hair and face change as you get older. And so should your cut. Finding the right cut and color can give a huge boost to your overall appearance. Well, at least we think so ... what do you think?

Police Gear

L.A Police Gear was founded on area Los Angeles Police officers. It is a company that sells military stuffs like tactical gear ,Galco and military gear. They are the contributor of all police and military gear accessories. And when you shop online at L.A. Police gear, they take the security, so you don't have to worry about giving your credit card numbers to them because they use a Secure Socket Layer or SSL that prevents the information from being encrypted. Again, if you need and want to have police gears and clothing, just check out L.A Police Gear's huge selection of accessories with different brands.

Breakfast At McDonald

We had our breakfast at McDonald yesterday morning. I had pancakes and bacon w/ egg, cheese & biscuit, and coffee was my drink. We don't really go out for breakfast but this time we did because we were really hungry and we don't have time to make our own food.
Anyway, while enjoying eating, on my second bite on the biscuit & cheese I saw a short "blond hair", so I stopped eating and show it to my husband. So he brought it to the attention of the staff and the manager was there. So, the manager gave us a new one with free drinks and felt sorry about what happened.
Maybe if I was by myself, I won't complain anymore but my husband said that's what we supposed to do so they will be careful next time...
I think that was gross if I ate the hair..good thing I saw it before I took a bite. *sigh*

Monday, April 28, 2008

Online Pharmacy

It is nice to think that you don't have to go to the store to buy the medicine that you needed because there is an online pharmacy. Like if you need some generic cialis you can buy it online at omniipharma.com. They have cheap generic cialis that have been proven to work in as little as 30 minutes and last for many as 36 hours. Other than that, shopping online is more convenient and it saves your time and effort than buying at the store.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A False Alarm

Hayz,,,I am talking about my night at work. It was not last night though. It happens on Saturday morning when the fire alarms went off twice. The first time was around 1am. And the second time was an hour after.

I was on the middle of something and all of the sudden it was completely dark and one of the resident screamed because she was scared and not use of dark surroundings. Few seconds after I heared the fire alarm. I was nervous but I tried myself not to panic. The first thing I did was closed all the doors on each room and ran all the way to the end. There were many stuff by the hall way like the wheelchairs that we washed that night. But I did not have time to put them away. My partner on the same wing/street were inside the room with the resident and she did not know what to do since she was new. So I did what I can. I grabbed the fire extinguisher and wait for the instruction from our supervisor. The time I had the fire extinguisher on my hand the fire alarm stopped. And I was so relieved but still my heart beat was so fast. Our charge nurse told us that it was only a false alarm, and there was a problem on the generator thats why the power went off and at the same time alarm went off....

I thought that was the end ....An hour after the alarm went off again...and that time I really thought that there was really a real fire. But the supervisor got a call on the other side of the building that one of the resident which has Alzheimer's disease pulled the alarm, (the red one who usually see by the wall, in case of fire you can pull it to alert everyone if there is fire and to ring the alarm)...The fire department was there to check if everything was okay and they checked something on the thing on the wall that the resident pulled. They reset it to stop the alarm. It was really a bad night...I wanna cry that time. I thought it was real and I don't know what to do at first. Yes we were trained how to handle emergencies like fires. But when it really happens, when you heared the alarm, you will be panic and don't know what to do especially when it happens at night. Unlike when it happens during day time you will get lots of help from the families and visitors and also there are lots of staff during day time compared to night shift.

But last night was okay. We did pretty good because it was a quiet night seems like an easy one. And now I am ready to go to bed after staying all night long....ZzzzzZZzzz

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jung SuWon Black Belt Testing

If you are interested on Martial Arts and Tae Kwon Do here is Jung SuWon Martial Arts Video . A very amazing testing by Tae Yun Kim, a Korean and Jung SuWon a combination of both Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do, both very popular Korean martial arts. Although it says that Grand Master Dr. Kim has many years of experience in martial arts but she looks so young.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nothing for Today

Hayzzz..The day is almost over and I haven't got any task from *p* today..I am very slow..everytime I make a reservation it's all taken already. I think it is not my day....*sigh*. But I did some bloghopping though while waiting for some campaigns. Well I think I better take a nap here. My hands are getting tired and my eyes are weary. katulogon nko

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend Night Off

Yes, I am off for 2 nights. It is my weekend off. Right now , just done eating my lunch. I had dried fish and rice. I had the chance to cooked it cause Rick is not here. Last night I had dried fish also but he was outside doing something when I cooked . But he still smelled the fish. He told to me open all the windows and door so the air will come inside. But I told him "good thing you only smelled the fish you're not eating them". This afternoon we will be going out to buy some grocery and I am planning to make some "macaroni salad" so have to buy some ingredients to make macaroni. It won't be that much cause I will be making for two of us only. Since hubby is not here yet, have to take a nap here so by the time he gets home I'll be awake and ready to go out. Well see you...

Friday, April 18, 2008

The North Idaho Rebate Team

Are you looking for a Realtor to buy or sell your house? The North Idaho Rebates Team can help you with that. They are offering rebates on real state transaction up to $10,000 for buyers and sellers at closing on any hone in North Idaho, regardless of who the home is listed with.
Their program really works and that you can take advantage of the rebate without accepting a lower quality of service and they are full service firm. They takes pride in being able to help their clients find the perfect home. The whole team is committed to excellence and completing all transactions with integrity.

When you are selling a house, you will get a so called seller rebates. A $10,000 Cash Reward when you use Prestige Realty of North Idaho to buy or sell your next home or investment property. This is how Cash Rewards Works. This is a program of North Idaho Rebate Team. You will received and exclusive benefit when you use the North Idaho Rebates Team. They will enroll you in the Cash Rewards program and for each transaction, you will receive a check for up to $10,000. And when you buy and sell with them and get up to $20, 000 back. When you use their company to buy and sell a house you automatically qualify for the program.

This is how will work. Choose from any home that are listed on the market. And if you have chose one, call the North Idaho Rebate Team to represent you as a buyer's agent in the transaction. Upon completion of the transaction, you will receive a cash rewards certificate from them and one year home warranty on your home. Then you will receive a check by mail when you redeem your certificate as instructed at the specified redemption date.

The Bank of America is the one who holds your Cash Rewards funds. The second wave of their program is to allow people who are selling their home that North Idaho Team will play them a $3000 rebate at closing of $3000 rebates at closing if they don't sell your home in 65 days. For more details about their program just visit www.northidahorebates.com and fill up out the contact form for further details on their Cash Rewards Program/.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tag from Sarah

Got this tag from Sarah of Glamorous Love. Salamat girl!

Assuming I am only on my early 20's. E2 yong mga tanong for me~

Ano ang magiging reaksyon mo kapag...

1.may lumapit sa iyo at nagpa-autograph
~ay napagkamalan yata ako

2. bigla kang hinalikan ng close/bestfriend mong opposite sex?
~oi totoo ba un?

3. binigyan ka ng nanay mo ng 100 pesos at sinabing umalis ka na at mabuhay ka ng mag-isa?
~hay matagal na akong nabuhay ng mag-isa

4.pinuntahan ka ng crush mo sa bahay mo?
~cgro dumaan lang yon..

5. dinare kang magyosi?
~no thanks....

6 nalaman mong 1 month ka nalang pwedeng mabuhay?
~oist wag nman sana...

7. binackstab ka ng kaibigan mo?
~okay lang d nman ako mapapagud sa kaka chismis...

8. inalok ka ng GMA7 para sa isang commercial?
~oi prang dream come true na....hahaha

9. hinabol ka ng aso?
~tatakbo ako

10.natawagan ka ng isang favorite celebrity mo by accident?
~by accident kaya? oh bka wlang project lang yon kya pinag-lalaruan phone nya...

11.mags-squatters area nalang daw kayong pamilya mo?
~di mangyari yon, may sariling bahay kami...

13.nagkagusto ka sa crush ng friend mo/
~crush lang nman...


1. "bakit hanggang ngayon hindi ka pa rin maka move on?
~moved on na oi..to the max pa....

2. "bakit ka ba dikit nang dikitsakin?
~baka ikaw lang..

4. "naiinggit ako sayo"?
~haha alam ko , insecure ka kc..

5. "sana kasi hindi ka nangiiwan diba"?-
~ang hina mo kasi

6. "ang manhid mo.."!
~bat ako?

7. "punta tayo sa mall! nuod tayo sine"!
~ayoko bili nalng tayo ng dvd

8. "mahal na mahal kita. sana tandaanmo".
~alam ko...pero dko matandaan yon

9. "you're too young for me..."!
~parang baliktad yata....e2 un, I am too old for you kya tumigil ka!

10. "nakyukyutan pinsan ko sayo"!
~sa pinsan kaya?

11. "pwede pahingi pic mo"?
~para alin?

12. "sali tayo sa wowowee"!
~di nman ako

13. "mahal mo ba ko?"
~ako ba tinanong mo?

14. "can i kiss you on the cheek?-
~sa noo lang gus2 ko pra kakaiba...lol

15. "insecure ka sa akin noh?"
~hmm kala mo lang yon noh..secure na kya ako...

16. "we're done. di ko na kaya to"!-
~wag muna ,ilang oras nlang

17. "mas photogenic ako sa iyo"!
~ ay kino-compare pa

18. "mahal mo sya. mahal nya ako"!-
~ drama lang yan

19. "nakakatuwa ka naman"!
~ ginawa pa akong comedy...

20. "bakit ka naninigarilyo?"
~ nakita mo ba?

Modern Office Furniture

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Simple Steps to a Healthier Diet

If you want to start exploring healthier food options without giving up the joy in eating, try following this simple approach:

* Don't be afraid of new foods.We're in a new era. We have different sources of plant proteins, which are much more readily available for the body to use.

*Make changes that work for you.If you don't live in a major metropolitan area and don't have access to the types of produce and health food stores that we have in New York city, make changes that work for you. Make this part of a lifestyle that you're going to feel comfortable with. Use my cookbook to make tempeh or seitan from scratch, maybe with your family. Don't feel that you're deprived in any way, shape or form.

*Make it an adventure.Make it fun. Make it exciting. Learn how to cook with your friends and family. Buy a tape that will teach you more about vegetarian cooking. Visit your local farmers market. Farmers markets are so important. Meet your farmers, have potluck dinners with other friends, get in the kitchen with friends and try to make things up. Have a great time, and then share food with people that you love.

All About Cortera

The name Cortera reflects a company's position as the leader of the next era of corporate intelligence. According to the press release this month that Cortera is positioned at the intersection of today's rapidly increasing information availability and businesses demand for more valuable insights into the companies they react with. If you want to know more about cortera, just read the press release below. Their website is cortera.com

Press Release:

Contact: Chris Hobson



Company Hires Business Information Industry Veteran as SVP of Sales

April 15, 2008 – eCredit, a foremost provider of U.S. business information services, unveiled its new name today – CorteraTM. The name Cortera reflects the company’s position as the leader of the next era of corporate intelligence.
“Cortera is positioned at the intersection of today's rapidly increasing information availability and businesses' demand for more valuable insights into the companies they interact with,” said Jim Swift, president and CEO, Cortera. “The free Internet is still the great frontier with vast, largely unstructured data, while traditional business information providers are expensive, slow and often limited to pre-Internet ways of thinking. Businesses are screaming for the best of both worlds and Cortera's mission is to bring it to them.”

To help move Cortera’s broadened business strategy forward, the company has added Austin Paris as its senior vice president of sales. “I am thrilled to join Cortera at such an exciting time in its history,” said Paris. “Our business customers can benefit tremendously from Cortera’s offerings. The company sets itself apart from other business data providers through its ability to deliver high quality business insights in flexible ways and at exceptional value.”

Paris brings more than 20 years of sales executive experience in the business information services market. Most recently, he was the strategic sales leader at Equifax Information Services [NYSE: EFX], a member of the Fortune 500 and one of the world’s largest providers of consumer and commercial information solutions. Earlier, he held senior positions at Dun & Bradstreet [NYSE: DNB], Corestaff Corporation and Olsten Staffing Services.

Cortera delivers its unique insights on business information via three core components:
• Platform – Cortera starts with the most robust, secure fast and efficient technology, adds a comprehensive, structured database of company information, and then layers on a set of unique, proprietary analytics.
• Flexible Access – Through its proprietary tools called DIGTM, BOOSTTM and CONNECTTM, Cortera offers businesses fast and flexible ways to gather business insights when, how and as they need them.
• Workflow – Access to data and analytics is valuable in itself, but Cortera also allows companies to embed the information into their business processes to aid in credit & collections activities through its eCredit software.
Cortera performs nearly 10 million data updates per month by employing sophisticated algorithms and processes that constantly cleanse the business data it receives from thousands of sources. In addition, Cortera’s data quality team manually verifies, updates and adds records to its already robust business data warehouse.

About Cortera
In a sea of business information providers, Cortera is different. Cortera provides a fresh perspective on business information and offers innovative tools to improve corporate intelligence. With its robust database containing virtually every private and public U.S. company, innovative analytics about each of those companies and advanced workflow software, Cortera helps business analysts, sales and marketing experts and credit & collections professionals know more than ever before about their prospects, customers and partners. More information about Cortera can be found at www.cortera.com .

Was Sent Home Last Night

Yes, had an instant day off last night. I was sent home because we were over staff again. But I was glad to be home, actually I voluntered myself because I was not feeling good. I was able to sleep the whole night and now I think I feel more better. This cough and cold makes me sick. Yesterday bought some tylenol for me and it was working. I got up early this morning to take some medicine. I was so tired but I have to get up and take my medicine. I will be working tonight. I want to take some rest today and get some sleep so I wont get tired later.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SunPorch Sunroom

Sunporch is America's #1 Company which is ready to assemble sunroom industry. They have been in the business for over 30 years and is constantly providing a remarkably innovative product. That product called SunPorch sunroom . Just lately they are on the press release where they which t won the NSA design award which is in 5 years in a row now. It was awarded by the National Sunroom Association (NSA) . The awards recognizes the excellence in the design and installation of sunrooms, solarium's and patio rooms which is based on some criteria, like aesthetic appeal, interior appeal and functionality.

Sunporch Sunroom is the perfect Sun Room, Patio Enclosure, or Patio Room for your Deck or Patio. Their website is sunporch.com. Their Sunroom keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. The easy-slide windows convert from sunroom to screenroom in just seconds. Right now when you order by April 30, 2008, you will have a savings of 10%. When you have questions about sizing and pricing for adding a sunroom to your house , they can help you, just send them the detailed dimensions including the length, width, height including eave and the sun room series you've chosen and they will do the rest. They have dedicated staff of experienced customer service people.

Press Release:

WESTPORT, CT April 16, 2008 - The National Sunroom Association (NSA) announced the winners of the NSA Design Awards for 2007 at the association’s annual meeting in San Antonio, TX. For the fifth year in a row SunPorch Structures of Westport, Ct, prevailed over 196 industry competitors to win the Best in Class design award in the Glazed Roof Sunrooms under $15,000 category for 2007.

The design award recognizes excellence in the design and installation of sunrooms, solariums and patio rooms based on three important criteria; aesthetic appeal...interior appeal and functionality...and finally on how well the structure enhances the architecture and natural surroundings of the home or commercial setting.

This year the SunPorch’s NEW Easy-Slide Window system, that allows the SunPorch to convert from sunroom to screenroom in a matter of seconds, was an exciting innovation that was of particular importance in the judging. “We are particularly excited about the award this year because 2007 was the first year we produced our new Easy-slide Windows.” said Dean Schwartz, General Manager of SunPorch Structures. “The Easy-slide Window system is a major design change that we are very proud of!”

This remarkable new window system has also received high marks from SunPorch customers. Robin Quiles, Customer Service Manager at SunPorch says “We have received extremely positive feedback from our customers about the Easy-Slide Windows and the NSA Design Award is icing on the cake for this new window system!”

For over 34 years, SunPorch Structures has produced and sold innovative and award winning SunPorch sunroom/ screenrooms nationwide. Its’ complete ready-to-assemble design mounts easily on an existing deck or patio without costly site prep making the SunPorch a remarkably affordable home addition.

# # #

For more information visit www.sunporch.com or contact Dean Schwartz at dean@sunporch.

Alzheimer's Caregiving

Based on my experience working in a Nursing Home, taking care of individual who has Alzheimer's can be more challenging. When you try to force them during your care they can be combative and irritable. But when you give them a good care, they are fun to take care. You will learn a lot from their childhood cause they remember their past rather than the future. You have to be flexible of your care. Do not force them to take a bath or have shower if they don't like to. Other's are scared of bath, they think they will drown from the water in the bathtub so find other ways to meet that need. They might want to take shower instead of a bath. Or they might like to take shower at night before going to be rather than in the morning. So be flexible of your schedule .Every little bit of help you can get as an Alzheimer's caregiver means you'll have that much more energy to spend with your loved one. Several organizations within your local community may offer services that can make your day-to-day life much, much easier.

Real Rank

I don't usually bloghop this blog. Sometimes I forgot if this exist. But now that I joined this blog to PPP, I will start working on this to build some traffic. Yesterday before I bloghop my real rank was 7thousand plus....but now when I check my real rank it went down to 6,000. I have seen some changes already for the few hours that I visited few blogs, but I have to work more on this to make it lower so I can avail more campaigns. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

San Marco Coffee

I enjoy fresh roasted coffee because it is fresher. One of my favorite is the Espresso Coffee. I have heared about San Marco Coffee , their website is sanmarcocoffee.com . They are a wholesale coffee roasting company specializing in American & Espresso Coffee & Cappuccino Machines. So if you see this name, try it sometimes.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My First Day

Not my first day in school but my first day at work. But not really my first day but it seems like it is.

As you know(if u know me), I was gone for one month. I went to the Philippines to visit my family. And yes I filed a leave of absense for one month. I used my PTO hours or(paid time off). I had about 120 bank hours. That was for working more than 2 years to where I am working right now. I did not take any vacation for the past 2 years that's why I was able to saved those hours. So while I was gone from work, they still pay me. I still got received money from them but not my "paycheck" since it is directly deposited to my bank account. So while I was in the Philippines, I used some of the money.

So now that I am back from my vacation, seems like a new beginning...hehehe...My first day of coming to work was last night. I called up our scheduler yesterday and yes I was scheduled to work last night. Not all of my co-workers knows that I was on vacation. They were asking me , where I have been. They think I quit my job...My favorite "charge nurse" ask me right away, "where is my straw purse?" lol, she meant the bag that made from abaca fiber. And yes, I got her one, a shopping bag made from abaca fiber with braided handle and wooden button(i will show here later), that I bought in SM Fairview. But I did not bring the bag last night because I was not sure if she was working or not. So I told her, I got you one and will bring next time.

Well anyway, my first night coming to work was not that hard. I went through all the care plans just to make sure nothing changes. And take notes the one that seems new to me especially the new admits since I left. Everything went fine and we were done early.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Back to Work

After a long month of vacation, I will be back for work tomorrow night. I have to call them just to make sure if I am scheduled to work for Saturday night. I know there will be lot of changes for the 1 month that I have been gone, hopefully I will have the same co-workers and charge nurse to work with.

Anyway, so much for now, have to fix my stuff here and sort them out to where they belong...


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