Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Breakfast At McDonald

We had our breakfast at McDonald yesterday morning. I had pancakes and bacon w/ egg, cheese & biscuit, and coffee was my drink. We don't really go out for breakfast but this time we did because we were really hungry and we don't have time to make our own food.
Anyway, while enjoying eating, on my second bite on the biscuit & cheese I saw a short "blond hair", so I stopped eating and show it to my husband. So he brought it to the attention of the staff and the manager was there. So, the manager gave us a new one with free drinks and felt sorry about what happened.
Maybe if I was by myself, I won't complain anymore but my husband said that's what we supposed to do so they will be careful next time...
I think that was gross if I ate the hair..good thing I saw it before I took a bite. *sigh*

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