Sunday, April 27, 2008

A False Alarm

Hayz,,,I am talking about my night at work. It was not last night though. It happens on Saturday morning when the fire alarms went off twice. The first time was around 1am. And the second time was an hour after.

I was on the middle of something and all of the sudden it was completely dark and one of the resident screamed because she was scared and not use of dark surroundings. Few seconds after I heared the fire alarm. I was nervous but I tried myself not to panic. The first thing I did was closed all the doors on each room and ran all the way to the end. There were many stuff by the hall way like the wheelchairs that we washed that night. But I did not have time to put them away. My partner on the same wing/street were inside the room with the resident and she did not know what to do since she was new. So I did what I can. I grabbed the fire extinguisher and wait for the instruction from our supervisor. The time I had the fire extinguisher on my hand the fire alarm stopped. And I was so relieved but still my heart beat was so fast. Our charge nurse told us that it was only a false alarm, and there was a problem on the generator thats why the power went off and at the same time alarm went off....

I thought that was the end ....An hour after the alarm went off again...and that time I really thought that there was really a real fire. But the supervisor got a call on the other side of the building that one of the resident which has Alzheimer's disease pulled the alarm, (the red one who usually see by the wall, in case of fire you can pull it to alert everyone if there is fire and to ring the alarm)...The fire department was there to check if everything was okay and they checked something on the thing on the wall that the resident pulled. They reset it to stop the alarm. It was really a bad night...I wanna cry that time. I thought it was real and I don't know what to do at first. Yes we were trained how to handle emergencies like fires. But when it really happens, when you heared the alarm, you will be panic and don't know what to do especially when it happens at night. Unlike when it happens during day time you will get lots of help from the families and visitors and also there are lots of staff during day time compared to night shift.

But last night was okay. We did pretty good because it was a quiet night seems like an easy one. And now I am ready to go to bed after staying all night long....ZzzzzZZzzz

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Vincent Bautista said...

Wow that must really be nerve wrecking! Wonder what I would have done if I faced such an emergency...

Good thing you were always alert grabbing that fire extinguisher and all. ^__^

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