Sunday, April 13, 2008

My First Day

Not my first day in school but my first day at work. But not really my first day but it seems like it is.

As you know(if u know me), I was gone for one month. I went to the Philippines to visit my family. And yes I filed a leave of absense for one month. I used my PTO hours or(paid time off). I had about 120 bank hours. That was for working more than 2 years to where I am working right now. I did not take any vacation for the past 2 years that's why I was able to saved those hours. So while I was gone from work, they still pay me. I still got received money from them but not my "paycheck" since it is directly deposited to my bank account. So while I was in the Philippines, I used some of the money.

So now that I am back from my vacation, seems like a new beginning...hehehe...My first day of coming to work was last night. I called up our scheduler yesterday and yes I was scheduled to work last night. Not all of my co-workers knows that I was on vacation. They were asking me , where I have been. They think I quit my job...My favorite "charge nurse" ask me right away, "where is my straw purse?" lol, she meant the bag that made from abaca fiber. And yes, I got her one, a shopping bag made from abaca fiber with braided handle and wooden button(i will show here later), that I bought in SM Fairview. But I did not bring the bag last night because I was not sure if she was working or not. So I told her, I got you one and will bring next time.

Well anyway, my first night coming to work was not that hard. I went through all the care plans just to make sure nothing changes. And take notes the one that seems new to me especially the new admits since I left. Everything went fine and we were done early.


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JK said...

Nice to here you had a good first day back... Take care and hope it continues....


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