Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend Night Off

Yes, I am off for 2 nights. It is my weekend off. Right now , just done eating my lunch. I had dried fish and rice. I had the chance to cooked it cause Rick is not here. Last night I had dried fish also but he was outside doing something when I cooked . But he still smelled the fish. He told to me open all the windows and door so the air will come inside. But I told him "good thing you only smelled the fish you're not eating them". This afternoon we will be going out to buy some grocery and I am planning to make some "macaroni salad" so have to buy some ingredients to make macaroni. It won't be that much cause I will be making for two of us only. Since hubby is not here yet, have to take a nap here so by the time he gets home I'll be awake and ready to go out. Well see you...

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