Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Attention Golfers

Yes, summer is here, and I'm sure golfers like you were looking forward on this wonderful season. Last year, I went to a golf tournament with couple of my Filipina friends to volunter on that said tournament. We were selling foods and drinks and the share was given for the Habitat of Humanity. Anyway, since that was my first time I was curious on how can the players track their scores on every games. When I was browsing oobgolf.com, now I know how can they track their scores. This website is a tracking website for golfers. This site allows golfers to track oon their scores. So golfers, in order for you to know your scores, Visit oobgolf.com and track your game. Aside from tracking scores, this site allows golf statistics as well as find courses, playing partners and new equipment.

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