Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stroke Recognition

Strokes are the third leading cause of death in the United States annually. Not all of us knows how to recognize if a person is having a stroke, we just think that it is an ordinary day to day living.

Here are the five signs of Having a Stroke:

*Walk---Is their balance off? Do they stumble or seem to drag one foot? Are they veering or leaning to one side and can't seem to walk straight?
*Talk-Is their speech slurred of garbled?Do they have trouble getting the words out? Are they responding appropriately or does what they are saying not make any sense at all? Does one side of their mouth droop down?
*Reach-Does it seem as though they can reach out and grasp an object?Are they having rouble raising and holding their arms out away from their body.are they frequently dropping things or having trouble gripping objects?
*Vision- Is their vision clear of blurry?D they see double?Are they having trouble seeing out of just one eye?
*Feel- Do they have a headache? Did it come on suddenly? do bright lights or loud noises make it worse?

-Those are the five signs of strokes that the American Heart Association or AMR recognizes...

*encrypted from the AMR bulletin in connection with their EMS (emergency medical services)week.*

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