Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sun Protection For Children

We know, children likes to play under the sun especially this time of a year that the weather is so nice and they always wanted to go the beach for some fun. And since, the sun is too hot and you can be burn anytime because its getting stronger , you need to Provide sun protection to your family now . So, encourage your children to use sun protection and to take a break in the shade, because children who are under 15 years old have sensitive skin and eyes. We know that over exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause short term health effects such as sunburn, wrinkles and sun spots. Long term exposure to ultraviolet radiation can increase the risk of damage to the skin which may cause skin cancer and eventually Melanoma, as well as damage to the eyes which may result in cataracts . And prolonged human exposure to solar UV radiation may result in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye and immune system. Sunburn is the best-known acute effect of excessive UV radiation exposure. Over the longer term, UV radiation leads to premature skin aging. In the most serious cases, skin cancer and cataracts can occur. So, besides putting some sun block lotion in your skin, there are sun protection swimsuits, sunsuits, stinger suits,Rash Guards, Surf Shirts, Sun Hats, Shorts, and Tights; covering all your family needs. You can buy them at Ecostinger . They area available in different sizes range for kids, women and men . Better buy for your family now. Just visit their website and choose which one your like.Ecostinger sun protective clothing range features are Sun Protection Swimwear excellent rating of UPF50 plus Chlorine Resistant UV Swim Wear fabric preserving colors and elasticity, Green Eco Friendly UV Protection Products, Italian made superior quality fabric- Styles designed using latest trends in fashion and colors, Competitive pricing- Size range from kids to adults.

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