Thursday, May 8, 2008

Video Prank Contest

The new Prank website is launching with video prank contest. And the prizes for best prank will be a brand new MacBook and one year of your cell phone bill paid. This sounds interesting isnt it? The judges of the said contest include viral video genius Kevin Nalty, one of YouTube's most prolific prank video creators and a Top 10 most subscribed producer. Contestant can submit their videos anytime before the deadline which is May 30, 2008. So if you are interested just go to their website to join the contest and for more infos about the mechanics of the contest. So film for best Prank now to win a free MacBook.

Press Release:
mPrank, a recently launched interactive Web site devoted to mobile shenanigans, today announced a call for entries in their first "Video Prank Challenge." The winner will be crowned as mPrank's inaugural Prank Champion, winning a new Apple MacBook and having their mobile phone bill paid for an entire year.

Contestants can submit their videos via any time before the deadline of May 30th, 2008. The judges choosing the finalists will include viral video genius Kevin Nalty, one of YouTube's most prolific prank video creators and a Top-10 "most subscribed" producer; Frank Chindamo of the USC Film School, and Tom Compton of Harvard University's infamous Hasty Pudding troupe. Finalists will be posted on, and visitors to the site will choose the winning video.

"Since mobile phones now have video cameras and players, it's amazing what you can do with pranks on the go," explained Nalty. "It’s a brave new world of pranking out there, and I can't wait to see what the masses come up with!"

“The best pranks are the ones that happen ‘in the moment,’" Chindamo says. "And who doesn’t have their cell phone with them every moment? You can now embarrass your friends in front of millions of people--is that sweet or what?”

Reflecting on Harvard's long tradition of pranking within the Hasty Pudding program, Compton adds, "We have done a lot of fun and crazy things in our 160 years, and I am excited to see some new and clever ideas!"

mPrank is the sister site to, where visitors can sign up to have video content sent directly to their mobile phone. "There are a lot of clever people filming pranks with their mini-cams and mobile phones," said Tapioca Mobile CEO Sachin Deshpande. "Our goal is to honor them for their work and bring them to the attention of the masses via and"

A complete description of the mPrank prizes and contest rules can be found at For more information, contact Kevin Stapleford at (858) 229-0072, or

About mPrank/mSnack
mPrank and mSnack are Online destinations created by Tapioca Mobile, a dynamic start-up company that has designed an exclusive platform that pushes video content to virtually any mobile device. Tapioca Mobile has raised over $5M in funding to date, and is a privately held company headquarted in San Diego, California.=

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