Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We all know that gas prices are so high and people are looking for places where they can find a cheaper gas. Others have to drive to other town to look for cheaper gas just to save money. But now that there's a free online tool where we can search what gasoline station has the cheaper gas price that would make us easier., is a free site which was recently launched to help consumers decide if going to other town for cheaper gas station can really save them money. This website is an easy tool to use which just requires few details like price gas and the distance for cheaper station.
So if you are the one that likes to drive to neighborhood town for cheaper gas , you need to check this website and see what you think. But, I'm sure you would love this tool.

Press Release:
Saddle River, NJ June 13 2008 -- launched today, a free site dedicated to helping consumers decide if the trip across town to a cheaper gas station will actually save them money. This tool is easy to use and only requires that you enter a few details such as the price of gas and distance to the cheaper station.
With the price of gas now over $4.00 in most places, the decision as to where you purchase your gas is becoming more important every day. With this new tool from, consumers now have the information needed to make the right decisions on where to buy gas, while saving the most money possible.
In addition to the gas calculator, also contains a wealth of information and tips on how to save gas and increase gas mileage. The site also has a real time feed which constantly updates the average prices per gallon by state. More information is being added all the time. is the creation of Mark Roth. Mr. Roth lives on the border of New York and New Jersey. “There is a big difference in price between NY and NJ, and I noticed many NY drivers lining up at the cheaper NJ gas stations. That got me wondering if it was really worth the trip, going out of your way to buy cheaper gas. That’s when I came up with the idea for the calculator.” said Mr. Roth.

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