Tuesday, June 3, 2008

General Cleaning

I was off last night and tonight also, so I got up from bed around 7:30am the time hubby got home too. Then, I check my emails and blogs right away..then took a shower afterwards. After shower, was able to grabbed some task from triple P so I made a post about the campaigns then I was done. I did a general cleaning here in our house. I usually do my general cleaning every time I am off from work. I did the laundry, washed the sheets, while waiting to dry, was doing some dusting and vacuuming with a background music and that feels relaxing. I was done about 5pm then back to blogging again, while watching Entertainment News. Tomorrow night I'll be back to work and I won't get another day off until next week, that's why I did some general cleaning here. Hubby is at work right now and as usual, I am by myself here unless we have the same night off. But oh well that's how life is, we have to work to survive.

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