Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nighttime Eating Disorders

I am sure you have heard already that eating at midnight before going to bed will give you a chance to gain weight. But the occasional late-night snack is nothing to worry about according to the Harvard Health Publication. But nightly bingeing merits a closer look.

Here are two types of Nighttime Eating Disorders

*Sleep-related eating syndrome is a highly-publicized malady, though it's not clear how common it is. People with this problem eat while sleepwalking, or while in a twilight state between sleep and wakefulness. They generally aren't conscious of what they're doing, so they may wake up to find the bed littered with candy wrappers — with no memory of consuming the candy.

*A better-documented problem is night eating syndrome, in which people do the majority of their eating late at night. Night eaters tend to become more depressed during the evening.
It's not clear what causes night eating syndrome and why it is associated with depression or addiction. One theory is that night eating syndrome involves a disruption in the hormones that regulate sleep, appetite or mood. Because late-night snacking usually involves carbohydrate-rich "comfort" foods, this theory holds that night eating syndrome is a form of self-medication.

source: the Harvand Publication thru health

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