Thursday, July 3, 2008

48 Hr Books

If you are a self publishers and are looking for Book Publishers who will help print your book and publish it, 48 Hr Books is the perfect place where you can order books. They can make the ordering process easy to understand.

Based on what I read about publishing your book, that before, it is hard to publish your own book, there's a lot process you have to go through in order to publish your book. You have to find a literary agent, then finding a publisher and, those publishers are agents are very picky about who they agree to work with. Just finding a publisher alone can take couple of years of submission. But nowadays, there are choices for authors on How to Publish a Book like 48 Hr Book can provide. All you have to do is upload the manuscript and select various options available, you authors will be supplied with a professionally printed, designed, and perfect-bound book at whatever quantity you desire and they will ship it to you in 48 hours. To have an idea on how much is the cost on each book to be published, that depends on the number of pages, the size of the books, how many color pages it has, and the quantity of books you are going to order for publishing.

To learn more about publishing your own book and the cost behind it, just visit and they'll tell you how much because there is an extra charge when you choose to have a case binding, Spiral Coil Binding ,Cover Design, ISBN and barcode. In addition to what they offer, they can help you to get your own ISBN and barcode and you will be the publisher and the process takes only about a week.

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John kremer's and also have some pretty amazing book publishers


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