Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Slump molds and Pottery Wheels

Amaco is the first American made manufacturer that made modelling clay cold Permoplast and was later sold to Woolworth's chain to become a national manufacturer in 1919. Amaco is one of the oldest crafts materials manufacturers in the US and is considered the largest manufacturer of ceramic supplies and equipment for schools and studios. One of Amaco's product is the low fire glazes, arts & crafts materials, bead rollers, ceramic clays and more. Ceramic clays can be made to ceramic pottery kilns series. Amaco kilns are the best constructed kilns made today. The welded steel frames and shells mean unsurpassed durability because they only use top quality Kanthal A-1 element wire which is secured in the firebrick for extended life. In addition to that, Amaco, manufactures over 500 glazes, underglazes,liquid glazes ,and overglazes with firing ranges from Cone 022 to Cone 5. Many colors will also fire to Cone 10. Each glaze or underglaze series offers its own unique appearance giving the artist unlimited creative expression.

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