Monday, August 25, 2008

2009 Honda Fit

This is the new Honda 2009 Fit that worth $14,550.

According to Road & Track, this new Fit honda 2009 is also roomier, its wheelbase stretched by 1.9 in. and overall interior width up by 1.2 in. And the cabin feels more airy, by virtue of a windshield whose base has been pulled forward by 4.7 in., and fixed front quarter windows that are three times larger than before. The dash styling is adventurous, more along the lines of the Civic, only without the double-tier instrument nonsense. The rear “Magic” seats remain…they articulate ingeniously to fold flat, or you can just tilt up and lock the lower cushions to put tall objects immediately behind the front seats. Headrests are now recessed into the seatbacks; they no longer need to be removed to fold the seats down.
This is a type of car that everyone who has a permanent income could afford. This is considered a hybrid car, meaning a fuel efficient car which is good on this current gas price.

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