Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Which backpacks are safest for kids?

Have you ever had the chance to own backpacks when you were still studying back in your age? A Backpacks is where you put your school belongings or school supplied so you could carry all of them at once behind your back. But are backpacks bad for your health?Homework might be a pain, but thousands of children across the country are also in agony for a lesser known school-related reason. According to the article that I was reading, 96% of kids carry backpacks, and a whopping 1/3 of these wearers suffer from painful back and shoulder problems associated with their packs. 60% of doctors report having to medically treat pain in children caused by backpacks, and bad backpacks are the cause of emergency room injuries in over 13,000 children across the country each year. Parents have still this question , Which backpacks are safest for kids?

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