Wednesday, September 10, 2008

AntiVirus Software

It is important to run anti-virus software on your computer regularly.Anti-virus software is used to find, remove or fix files that are infected with computer viruses. Every computer connected to internet needs good antivirus software to protect it from virus attack, hacking and stealing personal information. There are so many different options to choose from, it is important to make yourself as educated as you can and do everything possible to learn about which are the best before making any final decisions.

CyberDefender Internet Security has spyware removal that offers virus scan and anti-spyware downloads. CyberDefender Computer Virus Protection Software has the ability to protect your digital life. An innovative security suite that provides immediate updates and protect against spyware, viruses and identity theft. CyberDefender antivirus software scans for computer viruses, worms and Trojans and can be used to scan objects, such as files.

CyberDefender is a company that provides internet security services to consumers and small businesses. They also offers MyIdentityDefender, a free browser plug-in security toolbar, which protects internet users from phishing attacks and other harmful websites while substantially enhancing the user’s search experience providing more valuable information without leaving the destination site.

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John said...

I actually used Cyberdefender, and it is actual a great product. I got the W32.Gamma virus on a flash drive when I was traveling in China, and spread it from my laptop to my home system cy8-rm00z. This is also known as the Tavo.exe virus.

Anyway, I ended up downloading the free version of Cyberdefender, and ran it. It cleaned up the W32.Gamma and a few other evil things on my program.

I noticed that the free version comes with a pop-up trying to upgrade you about once a week, but hey it is free software.

I actually bought the upgrade, which comes with a computer help line, where they will take care of any lind of a problem on your system. I did this, so when I am away, and my wife has a computer problem she has someone to contact. She used it once, and said they took care of the printer problem in about 10 minutes.

So, great stuff. I have tried AVG and PC Tools, but I like CyberDefender the best, and the paid version is really worth it. JMHO!

John Ashton


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