Friday, September 12, 2008

Clear Your Debt

Do you have problem on to repay your debt? Clear Debt can help you clear your debt. All you have to do is apply for IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangements. If your ClearDebt IVA application is approved, up to 70% of all your debts could be written off . You would pay no interest and you could be debt free in 5 years or less. ClearDebt is your Debt Solutions that you been dreaming for you to be out of debt. An IVA is likely to be your best route to becoming debt free if you don't have the equity in your property or a big enough surplus to consolidate debt using a re-mortgage. If you have assets you want to retain (like your house) an IVA will probably be better than bankruptcy. If an IVA is the right option for you, ClearDebt offers more than just information. ClearDebt can help you set up an IVA, a legally binding agreement which provides greater security and, usually, much better terms than can usually be achieved with a debt management plan. is a site which is full of debt help / IVA resources to help everyone understand their situation, cut your household costs and plan a route out of debt. If you owe more than you think you can repay, or you are worried about becoming bankrupt, a ClearDebt IVA could lower your total debts, ensure you pay no more interest and help you become debt-free in five years or less.

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