Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Employee Screening

Employee screening and employment background check are so important in today's employment environment for employers as as a hedge against new hires who lie about their past history. This includes, your employment history, drug testing and other legal compliance in connection with your employment. ERS or Employmenrt Reference Sources, is a leader in providing comprehensive comprehensive employee screening service , background checks to help employers make those important hiring decisions. ERS includes personal service as part of their program. Employers seeking background checks on job applicants are assigned individual specialists to work with and answer their questions. ERS Screening Services includes, criminal history, employment history, education verification, driving history and credit history.

Employment background checks employee screening and pre-employment background checks have become one of the best ways for employers to avoid exposure. Pre-employment screening services from ERS can protect your company or agency from liability damages and a negligent hiring suit. They also provides high quality background checks nationwide. ERS service provides employers with the most current and accurate information available. At ERS they physically and electronically search all counties in which the applicant has lived, worked and attended school for the past 7 years. Using the applicant’s Social Security number, ERS is able to create an address history, which determines the areas to be searched.

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