Thursday, September 18, 2008

Evantage Bank

If you are searching for online banks to transact any type of banking business, Evantage Bank is what you need .Services like online checking accounts and there's no other financial transaction can take place through these online banking portals. From Mega Money Market to Interest Reward Checking, Evantage has it all for you.Evantage Bank is dedicated to making your banking experiences the best you've ever known. Their officers and employees are eager to help you with all your banking needs, each committed to providing you the most personal and thorough service. is an alternative to a kansas city bank. Evantage Bank product services includes but not limited to bank-to-bank and in-house-transfers, online bill pay, overdraft privileged, online banking and online security. They provide consumers with financial management opportunities, reward programs assigned, free checking savings accounts with high yield interest rates on account balances and investment opportunities that are simply marvelous. ATM fees charged by any bank worldwide are automatically refunded in one lump sum. At the same time, you will be paid interest earned by your account. It's easy, open your account now at and start banking online.

Evantage Bank is a trade name and trademark owned and used by Southwest State Bank. A division of Southwest State Bank - Member FDIC.

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