Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gallery Collection

Before you know it," tis the season" has arrived, but you have not purchased your cards yet and time is running out. Bet your Christmas rush and buy your cards early, buy early, mail early. The sending and receiving of Holiday greeting cards, whether through the use of Business Holiday Cards or a personalized Christmas card, is a time-honored tradition that accompanies the approach of Christmas and the New Year. It is a time and opportunity to renew and strengthen acquaintances and to thank business associates for worthy relationships that we hope will continue. Personalized Christmas cards or simple business holiday cards from The Gallery Collection are one form of mail that is certain to be heartily welcomed and proudly displayed.,the corporate Holiday cards publishers, will donate 1,000 personalized Holiday cards to Texas Children's Hospital. This is in connection with the Texas Children's Hospital plans to use the Christmas cards donation by placing a card to every patient's tray table. For me, this is a good idea from Gallery Collection, every single card they give to the children and their families makes a huge difference this holiday season. Though their children are in the Hospital during this holiday season, they will feel the message on what Christmas is, which is giving.

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