Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scrubs & Beyond supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Since I started working in the nursing where I am working right now, I have been collecting different kinds and brand of scrubs. We have casual Friday where we can dress jeans but other than that Scrubs is our uniform . I usually shops peaches scrubs online. Scrubs & Beyond is one of the online store that I shop for my scrubs uniforms. Scrubs & Beyond, a leader in the scrub tops and pants industry, has expanded its wide range of accessories to meet the fashion needs of medical professionals everywhere. They are the leader in the retail nurses scrubs industry, unveils new shades, prints, and styles to its current collection of dickies scrubs. The variety of the Koi collection continues to make it a favorite for the fashion first.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In this event, Scrubs & Beyond is doing more than recognizing National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They are also supporting by donating a portion of their sales. In a way of supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can purchase barco metro scrubs and dickies scrubs from Scrubs & Beyond that has pink ribbon, the symbol of cancer survivor.

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