Monday, October 6, 2008

Valley Box

Material handling carts and fixtures can improve productivity in any production facility and in-plant transportation of work in progress. So, if you are looking for material handling carts, Valley box carries that for you. Valley Box carries steel industrial carts for multiple uses. Made from heavy duty materials, our industrial utility carts are perfect for use in offices, hotels, warehouses, home centers, distribution centers, hospitals, stock rooms and anywhere else that moving standard large or bulky loads is required.

Valley Box Co. Inc. are leaders of the industrial packaging design, development, and manufacturing since 1965. They are based in San Diego, California that specializes in wooden containers,corrugated boxes and moving supplies,special applications, fixtures & material handling, steel fabrication, corrosion inhibitors,vapor barrier bags, and an on-site packaging & shipping. They also build all that is related to tool parts and making boxes and assembly fixtures and also they offer industrial machines. Their industrial rolling carts come in a variety of types and sizes for specific uses. Whether you need a material handling cart with open shelving or a utility cart with drawers or bins to transport tools and loose equipment, they have an easily maneuvered industrial work cart that can handle the job.

In addition to being an industrial packaging services company for shipping, they have many other state-of-the-art products and services as well, enabling them to customize just about any shipping or moving service to your specifications.

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