Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 Mini-Notebook

Faster than its mini-notebook brethren, the IdeaPad S10 offers enough perks to make it a top pick for serious mobility. The Lenovo S10 manages to pack a good deal of power and hard-drive capacity into its small frame.
Though using the S10 won't match the luxurious tactile response of working with a ThinkPad, it is one of the better experiences among mini-notebooks.

At 3.6 pounds, the IdeaPad S10 is one of the heavier mini-notebooks on the market. But the Lenovo stands out for its relatively beefy specs, such as its 160GB hard disk.
This unit logged a score of 41 in our WorldBench 6 tests, a result that easily makes it the performance leader of this pack.

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