Monday, December 15, 2008

Choosing Wine

Wine can seem like a mystery, but you can get good wines both for drinking and cooking at most any supermarket. All it takes to get started using wine is a little knowledge and some money.Drier wines are drunk before the sweeter ones and white before red when there is more than one kind of wine served with the meal.Red wine should be opened for a while before it is to be enjoyed. This allows the wine to “breathe,” or mix with the air to bring out its flavor. White wine should be chilled, not ice cold. Sparkling wine should be served chilled, from an ice bucket.The ideal glass for red or white wine should have a medium stem to prevent the temperature of the hand from warming the wine. Wine used for cooking doesn’t have to be expensive - the only real exception is the use of sherry in trifle or soup because then quality is very important. The only rule you should follow is to never use wine that has an off-taste or has gone sour.

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