Sunday, December 7, 2008

Emperor Aquatics

Fish Tanks Direct Specializes in Acrylic Fish Tanks & Acrylic Aquariums. They carry a huge selection of acrylic aquariums, Biorb fish tanks, custom aquariums and all the supplies like protein skimmers, heaters, feeders, filters and more to keep tanks running smoothly. Their fish tank experts will help you pick the perfect arylic aquarium or help you customize your existing fish tank. We also carry aquarium supplies, including protein skimmers, chillers and uv sterilizers. They carry a full line of filters for your aquarium. We can perfectly match your aquarium up with a powerful protein skimmer and or canister filter.

They have products like Emperor Aquatics UV sterilizers from Emperor Aquatics Inc. which is the manufacturer of high quality water filtration and uv sterlization equipment. Emperor Aquatics, Inc. initially specialized in developing and manufacturing of various filter components as well as filter systems, selling into the aquarium, public aquarium and aquaculture markets.

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