Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hosted TFS

The Hosted Microsoft Team Foundation server is renting the server space and softwares for your network which would be more compatible and makes your network highly standard.
The hosted team foundation server offered at is the most appropriate choice. All the organizational projects can be tracked and safely delivered using the hosted tfs. If your company utilizes a hosted team foundation server, you can spend less than 80% of the total costs when you use hosted tfs . Software as a service tfs efficient management is now available to all businesses, may it be a small or medium one

Microsoft Team Foundation Server allows you and your organization to manage your Visual Studio projects and resources to success.Phase 2 International offers you the opportunity to take advantage of this product with no data center, no IT department, and at the lowest cost in the industry. If you would like more info about tfs hosting visit for more detail information. There are many products that are available with them like Microsoft Project Server and Team Foundation Server.

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