Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lamaze Fun Mirror Crawl Toy

Buy your infant with this "Lamaze Fun Mirror Crawl Toy".Encourage your baby to crawl with rainstick beads and a big baby safe mirror. Mirror Crawl toy has both these features and each side features a different pattern for visual stimulation that will keep baby going and going. Two fat wheels hold a prism-shaped toy that spins as it rolls. The three-sided fun-house mirror has a see-through window and two mirrors. It has no electronic sounds—just the rattle of beads as they drop. It's a good rolling toy for crawling babies and it's also fun to stand it upright on one wheel and spin. Designed to invite beginners to crawl, this toy is good fun for roly-poly games that involve repetitive actions. Send this toy back and forth between you and your child, or stand it up on end and spin the triangular toy. This is no small feat for kids with physical delays.

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