Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Size 12 Womens Shoes

If you have the Size 12 womens shoes, I know you have hard time looking for your size. Because only men mostly has that size. But there are womens who wear that size. Only few stores and not your favorite stores carry that size. But, Samanta shoes, sells size 12 womens shoes. They specializes in stylish footwear with unique comfort features. Not only size 12 ut also, size 12, 13 and 14. The collection is handcrafted in Brazil and retailing at specialty boutiques and at $150-$200 for shoes, and $250-$350 for boots. Samanta shoes can be spotted on trendsetters like Tyra Banks, Debra Messing, Sanaa Lathan, Geena Davis, Sophia Bush, Queen Latifah, Rachel Bilson, and Rihanna. So, women who have trouble in finding their stylish shoes with comfort, and there are limited fashion options in larger sizes, and wide widths. Samanta satisfies your needs. Each of their shoe is first carefully constructed using a special shoe mold that is a hybrid of a flat foot, and a high instep. This ingenuity provides comfort on both ends of the spectrum, and all areas in between. Great thought is put into the arch support, heel height, and leather lining of each shoe. They offer free shipping both ways gives you the opportunity to try Samanta shoes risk free in the comfort of your home.

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