Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vitamin C to Prevent Colds

Cold and flu season in the U.S. stretches from November to March.To prevent a cold, try vitamin C, delivered either the old-fashioned way with a daily dose of orange or grapefruit juice, peaches, red peppers or other vitamin C-rich food, or with a vitamin supplement. Double up with Echinacea for an added boost.Vitamin C helps the body maintain healthy tissues and a strong immune system, and it aids in the absorption of iron. Even though these are great sources of vitamin C, many of them currently aren't in season or not grown in this country. Moreover, these are not the largest amounts of vitamin C. Oranges are actually on the middle-lower end of vitamin C content. If you want something with a very high amount of vitamin C and more in season I recommend rosehips.

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