Friday, February 27, 2009

Tax Filing

It is time to file your 2008 income tax returns. I guess most of you have already filed your taxes. Last year we did file ours by mid-March, because we were still waiting some papersworks that needs on filing. For this year, we might file next month. I know we will not get much refund so I am not in a hurry on filing our taxes as long as it will be filed before April 15. Though, I am still waiting for a 1099 form that LoudLaunch supposed to send me from my blogging income. But, it seems like I won't get one as the deadline is over. Anyway, filing your taxes electronically can be faster and easier than submitting hard copies. IRS encourages taxpayers to file their tax returns electronically using its e-file system. If you think you can do it by yourself, then do it to save money. But, if there's too much complications on your income tax filling or there are lots of paperworks, then have a profesional do it for you. Think, before doing it for less trouble.

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joe said...

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