Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grand Cayman Dolphin Discovery

Have you ever swam with a dolphins? How does it feel like? I bet you have enjoyed that day. Anyway, it's always been my dream to swim with dolphins. Yes, I have seen dolphins many times in the Philippines while we were on the ship, but I haven't swim with them. I bet that would be fun. Well, if you want to swim with a dolphin, consider Grand Cayman Island cruise tours and excursions .This is a fantastic opportunity for you who wish to experience and discover dolphin in Grand Cayman. Dolphin Discovery Cayman, Grand Cayman, the country’s largest island, gives you the opportunity to experience interactive programs with Dolphins and many other activities that will make your trip the Experience of a Lifetime. After enjoying swimming with dolphins, you can shop on their Dolphin Discovery boutique that offers you the most original souvenirs to take home, like t-shirts, toys and other great products that will make you remember the experience of a lifetime with dolphins. While you are in Grand Cayman, entertain yourself and get up-close in underwater with dolphins. You will find interesting aquatic activities with these tender animals that seem to know you already. While you walk by the pool, you will notice them following you, waiting for their playtime. They will conquer your heart before you even get into the water. They will give you a handshake, kisses and will pull you with their dorsal tows to give you a speed ride. Sounds fun huh! so see you at the Grand Cayman Dolphin Discovery...Enjoy!!

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