Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tooth Cavity

Those are the two words that the dentist office doe'snt wanna hear. And we don't want to have tooth cavity and yes even me. But, as I am writing now, my husband just told me that I will have my dentist appointment 2hrs from now. I have been experiencing toothache these past days. I have hard time sleeping at night because of the pain. My other ear where my tooth is, is in pain also. Yes, I have tooth cavity. I have decided to have my tooth pulled because it's not worth saving it. I know it will cost me, but thanks I have dental insurance. Though my insurance won't cover the whole amount but at least they will cover part of it. I wish I have took care my teeth when I was young. But due to poverty, my parents couldn't afford a dentist visit. So, parents out there, please take care of your childs teeth. Always encourage them to brush their teeth and visit your dentist as recommended.

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